Rollen S. D'Souza holds a PhD and BSE from the University of Waterloo. He is interested in geometry and its applications to engineering problems, and holds a passion for mathematics education for engineers.
Aircraft orientation control animation.
Underactuated control — two inputs, pitch and yaw — point the nose of the body down. The uncontrolled rotation about the body's forward axis is compensated for using the other two control actions.

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Rollen graduated in 2017 with his Bachelors of Software Engineering (BSE) during which he completed a number of cooperative work terms in the software engineering field with applications in game development, media programming and application programming. He complemented his degree with a joint honours in Applied Mathematics. His experience drove his interest towards the general mathematics of control theory and its applications to robotics and aerospace. During his PhD, Rollen investigated an application of exterior differential systems to solving feedback equivalence problems. In particular, he developed a geometric algorithm for solving a class of feedback linearization problems which subsumes one of the most ubiquitious feedback equivalence problems: state-space, exact feedback linearization. He was supervised by Prof. Chris Nielsen.